Wesak 2009

Wesak is the thrice blessed Day to commemorate the Birth, Englightentment and Parinibbana of the Buddha. Various charitable programs are held at the Vihara such as Blood and Organ Donation, Program to give aid to the old folks and charitable homes (Caring & Sharing program). Eight Precepts observance programs and an Exhibition by the Sunday School is also held during this period where about 100,000 devotees and visitors will be visiting the Vihara. The Vihara will be illuminated at night with multi coloured lights and decorations and free food and drinks are given to the public. A large float and candle light procession is also held at night proceesing from the Vihara to the city centre attended by about 30,000 devotees. The Wesak procession was started by the Vihara since 1895.breitling replica, Replica Rolex Watches Online, Fake Rolex Watches Tasteful