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October 20, 2024

Kathinacīvarapaṭiggahaṃ yaṃ karissanti upāsakā, taṃ me bhikkhave patiggahitaṃ, taṃ me bhikkhave ānisaṃsaṃ

Whatever robe-offering the lay followers will make to the monks, that I shall receive, that I shall accept

-Lord Buddha
(Anguttara Nikaya 3.416)

Kathina, derived from the Pali word “kaṭhina,” refers to a wooden frame traditionally used for weaving robes. According to Buddhist scriptures, after the Buddha’s enlightenment, his disciples would spend the rainy season retreat in meditation and study. 

Once the retreat ended, they would set out to make new robes for the monks. This act of communal offering symbolized support for the monastic community and allowed lay followers to accumulate merit.

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Kathina Offerings

It is believed that offering the robe brings blessings and good fortune to the donors, as well as creating a strong karmic connection with the Sangha.

Central to the Kathina ceremony is offering Kathina robes to the Sangha, or community of monks. The Kathina robe holds particular significance as it is traditionally made from a single piece of cloth, reflecting simplicity and unity. 

Lay followers spend the day preparing the robe, weaving it with care and devotion. This act of craftsmanship becomes an expression of reverence and gratitude towards the monks who uphold the teachings of the Buddha.

In addition to the Kathina robe, devotees offer various requisites such as food, medicine, and other essentials to support the monastic community. 

These offerings symbolize the spirit of generosity (Dāna) and foster a sense of shared responsibility within the Buddhist community.

Date & Time:

October 20, 2024
7:00 am - 1:30 pm UTC+8



Asoka Hall, Ground Floor, Wisma Dharma Cakra


Buddhist Maha Vihara, 123 Jalan Berhala
Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur 50470 Malaysia