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Full Moon Puja

June 20, 2024 @ 7:30 pm

Dīpe Mihintale mahiyā,
Mahinda thero pāvisī,
Dhammaṃ desesi pabhāsaṃ,
Poson poya namāmi.

On Mihintale's sacred ground,
Mahinda Thera did arrive,
He preached the Dhamma's radiant light,
On Poson Poya, we bow in reverence.

Poson, celebrated on the full moon day in June commemorates the introduction of Buddhism to Sri Lanka in the 3rd century BCE by the Indian missionary monk Mahinda, who was the son of Emperor Ashoka of India.

Historical Background

The story of Poson Poya revolves around the arrival of Mahinda in Sri Lanka. According to historical texts, Mahinda met King Devanampiyatissa on the Mihintale Hill near Anuradhapura. 

The king, who was on a hunting expedition, encountered Mahinda and his companions, leading to a profound and transformative conversation about Buddhism. 

This meeting resulted in the king embracing Buddhism, which subsequently spread throughout the island. The conversion of King Devanampiyatissa and his court is considered the foundation of Buddhism in Sri Lanka, profoundly influencing the country’s culture, traditions, and history.

Join us for this special puja. 

We look forward to celebrating this auspicious occasion with you,
deepening our understanding and practice of the Buddha’s teachings.

Date & Time:

June 20, 2024
7:30 pm



Shrine Hall, Buddhist Maha Vihara


123, Jalan Berhala
Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur 50470 Malaysia