Dear Dhamma Friends,

You are welcome to sponsor the New/Full Moon Pujas for the year 2024 to acquire blessings for you and your family or in memory of your departed loved ones.

With these sponsorships for the puja, may the prayers help you and your family overcome all obstacles and bless you with good health, happiness, peace, and success always. Your contribution of RM 10 will also be utilized to purchase puja offerings (candles, fruits, flowers, incense, etc.) as well as offerings for the Sangha.

If you wish to sponsor a New/Full moon puja, please click on the link:

Sponsorship names received before 7 December 2023 will be printed in the 2024 BMV Almanac booklet. Names received after 7 Dec 2023 will be mentioned in the New/Full Moon list on respective days.

Thank you

With Metta
Buddhist Maha Vihara,