Grocery Bag For

Continuing our efforts to reach out to the underprivileged beyond the boundaries of Kuala Lumpur, Compassion-In-Action (CIA) group set up the Grocery Bag for Rural Needy project in March 2012. The objective is to provide daily necessities to ease the burden of impoverished families in the rural community. One hundred and fifty families will benefit from each distribution.
Each family will receive a grocery bag containing daily necessities such as:
Grocery items – rice, cooking oil, flour, salt, sugar, soya sauce, beverages, milk, biscuits, milk powder, condensed milk, noodles, bread, canned food, margarine, jam.
Toilet items – toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, bath towel, sarong.
Medicated items – Panadol, bandages, medicated oil, antiseptic cream.
Every child in the family will also receive a kid gift bag containing bread roll, waffles, chocolate wafers, Vitagen, slipper, toy & etc. Pre-loved clothing are also distributed to men, women and children in the community.
All items are fully sponsored by generous donars, volunteers, devotees and corporations.

What to expect?
Volunteers will get involved in counting stocks collected, helping to source or purchase items; packing of items into grocery bags; loading and unloading items at distribution points. Distribution is normally on a Saturday and it’s a full day trip.
We require at least:

  • 10-15 volunteer drivers with vehicles (preferably MPVs, van or trucks)
  • 40-45 volunteers
  • Interested to be a part of this sharing?
    Email your name and mobile phone number to Bro Ng Chun Hoe at