• 1 year course (For future it may change to 2 years course due to the new syllabus)
  • Estimated Fees RM 3,500 (Depending on the exchange rate for USD)
  • Next intake will commence on 2021. Registration will commence every 2 years and it also depends on the number of students

Date: Saturday & Sunday
Time: 2.00 pm – 7.00 pm
Venue: Wisma Dharma Chakra, 2nd Floor, Nanda Room or Subhuti Room or any available room
Note : There maybe extra tuition classes whenever required

01 Early Buddhism - Problems of Interpretation
The interpretation of Early Buddhism’s based on views among various schools, Abhidhamma and theories resulting from modern research.
04 Early Buddhism and Ancient Indian Thought
A comparative study between early Buddhism; Brahmana and Sramana traditions; and the main characteristics which distinguished it from other systems of Indian thought.
06 Principles of Buddhist Social Philosophy
The Buddhist analysis about the individual, society, social organization, basic social problems and the Buddhist attitude to them.
08 The Philosophy and Practice of the Bodhisattva
The origin and nature of the concept of Bodhisattva in Early Buddhism, and its development in the schools of the Maha Sanghika and Mahayana.
09 The Social Philosophy of Buddhism and the Modern World
The Buddhist responses to national problems and international crisis existing in the contemporary world, and the challenges in the present age from the Buddhist perspective.

Note : Syllabus may change, subjected to further notice