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Discover the enchanting world of Sinhala culture

Sinhala Dance: A Symphony Of Expression

Sinhala dance, deeply rooted in the island nation of Sri Lanka, is a mesmerizing art form that brings tales of folklore and legends to life.  Originally performed in the royal courts, Sinhala dance has gradually become a cherished art form celebrated in various festivals and ceremonies. The traditional dance styles, such as Kandyan and Low Country dances, are a captivating blend of rhythmic footwork, graceful hand movements, and vibrant costumes.

"A different language is a different version of life"

— Federico Fellini

Sinhala Language: The Melody of Words

The Sinhala language, an integral part of Sri Lankan identity, has a rich history dating back over two millennia. Its unique script and linguistic features make it a linguistic gem, carrying the echoes of ancient civilizations and cultural evolution.

Sinhala is more than just words; it is a cultural identity. With its own set of idioms, proverbs, and poetic forms, the language beautifully captures the ethos of the Sinhalese people. The warmth and hospitality embedded in Sinhala conversations reflect the cultural values that have been passed down through generations.

BMV's Sinhala Dance & Language Class

Whether you’re drawn to the expressive movements of Sinhala dance or the rhythmic allure of the Sinhala language, our classes offer a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the living traditions of Sri Lanka.