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The Buddhist Institute Sunday Dhamma School (BISDS) located within the compound of Buddhist Maha Vihara, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur was first established as a Religious School in 1929 with an enrolment of 12 Sinhala children who studied the Sinhala language and chanting under the tutelage of Bhante. M. Dhammadassi Thero, the incumbent bhikkhu of the Brickfields Buddhist Temple.


is being said

After twenty-two years of existence the Buddhist Institution has at last managed to reach a stage when it was definitely heading towards steady progress. This indicates the founding of the school to be 1949.

~ Bhante. Pemaloka


the badge of B.I.S.D.S

The Torch

Represents the light of wisdom - to dispel the darkness of ignorance

The Buddhist Flag

Represents the motto of the institution Panna Udapadi - Wisdom appears; without the light of Truth there can be no wisdom

The Wheel

Symbolizes the Noble Eight-Fold Path, in which a confident person could follow to attain full perfection.

The badge consists of 6 colours
(following the Buddhist Flag) namely:

Nila (blue), Pita (yellow),
  Lohita (red), Odata (white), Manjettha (orange) and Pabhassara (a mixture of the preceding 5 colours)

The Book

It is the symbol of education. The Buddha himself emphasized the importance of understanding in learning. The aim of the Sunday School is not only to teach & educate but to learn & be educated as well

The Blue Background

It is a symbol of confidence. Confidence in the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha. To inspire confidence in others, we must have confidence in ourselves. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to come forward to give whatever support we can for the various temple projects


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