“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.”

– Buddha –

Over 130 years of History

  • Year 1894 - Founded

    The Buddhist Maha Vihara, originally and affectionately known as Brickfields Buddhist Temple in its early days was founded in 1894. The Sasana Abhiwurdhi Wardhana Society (SAWS) was registered, land was obtained and foundation stone was laid.

  • Year 1895 - Monk Quarters was built

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  • Year 1902 - The Main Shrine Hall

    The Shrine Hall that is used for Puja and blessing ceremony was built. It got upgraded several times years later.

  • Year 1911 - Bodhi Tree

    The first Bodhi tree grew from a sapling brought from Sri Mahabodhi at Anuradhapura in Ceylon (now known as Sri Lanka) and planted here in 1911.

  • Year 1932 - Opening of Preaching hall

    A popular venue for meetings and gatherings of members as well as a multi-purpose hall during festive seasons like Wesak. It was erected by P.H Hendry.

  • Year 1956 - Lotus Fountain

    The fountain was erected on 23rd March 1956 and was given a major face-lift in 1986, incorporating a large replica of a lotus flower at the centre with several water jets to enhance its beauty.

  • Year 1971 - Gateway

    The 20 feet high Sanchi style gateway (patterned after the famous Sanchi gate in India) graces the entrance to the Buddhist Maha Vihara.

  • Year 1971 - The Pagoda

    The Pagoda was built to commemorate the 9th General Conference of the World Fellowship of Buddhist, held in Kuala Lumpur in 1969. The completed Pagoda was officially opened on 28 August 1971.

  • Year 1979 - Shrine Hall Upgrading

    In 1979, the interior walls of the Shrine Room were magnificently tiled and the veranda was raised, extended and finished off with mosaic tiles. The renovation work was completed on Wesak Day 10th May 1979.

  • Year 1995 - Asoka Pillar

    This commemorative Pillar (popularly known as the Asoka Pillar) was unveiled on 1st January 1995. Plaques, with inscriptions engraved thereon appear on each of the four sided base of the Commemorative Pillar.

  • Year 1995 - Wisma Dharma Chakra

    The construction was completed in 1995. However, it went through major renovation in year 2017 & 2018.